June 12, 2019. We are Adding Juggernaut to the Watch List on the Heels of News Yesterday That Juggernaut is Getting Ready to Start Drilling.


News out yesterday, we are studying now and should have a report out soon. Shares traded up yesterday on small but increasing volume.


Mr. Dan Stuart, Director, President and CEO of Juggernaut states:

“The results to date demonstrate we have barely begun to scratch the surface and could be seeing just the tip of the iceberg. Midas is located in a world-class geologic setting with excellent potential for a significant VMS (volcanogenic massive sulphide) discovery, all in close proximity to both roads and infrastructure.”

“This geologic setting and model have proven to host multiple world-class deposits, including the Eskay Creek high-grade gold VMHS deposit. The Midas project is still in its infancy with many layers of new data that point to clearly defined targets. The 2019 drilling that is focused on unlocking the tremendous untapped VMHS potential of the Midas Property. The King Solomon trend has shown it has the right ingredients required — geology, alteration, geophysics and geochemistry — to quickly develop into a big VMS discovery. We look forward to drill program with great anticipation.”

Admittedly a lot of the above isn’t in plain English for US investors – let’s call it ‘Canadian Miner speak’ so our report will set out to explain what the hell a massive Volcanogenic sulphide really is. Even our spell checker has trouble with that!

We do understand that we can wait to find out what is under the surface that they have only begun to scratch – but we think we’d rather add it to the Watch list before they find out!


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