Sentiment Speaks: Strap Yourselves In – Gold May Take Off Like A Rocketship (SeekingAlpha)

Summary The metals have been a very frustrating trade these last three years.Sentiment seems to have soured in...
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Is Gold ($1,330) About to Cross the Magic Five Year High of $1,400?

Quite literally fireworks could start once Gold Crosses $1,400. Look at these following charts and then decide for yourself.
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Massive $1.5 Billion. Flows into Gold ETF in a Single Day!

Biggest One Day Move Into Gold Funds Ever. As in Ever! (Martin Katusa | Kitco News) On Friday...

Gold ETF’s. A Run-Away Train?

Serge Berger InvestorPlace July 18, 2019. The price of gold, as measured by the popular SPDR Gold ETF (NYSEARCA: GLD),...
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Gold Down $40, Time To Panic? (CEO.CA)

Trade talks between the US and China are back on for October and that means a lot of fast money hedge fund...

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“Intense Optimism” From Lithium Drilling Results.

American Battery Metals Corp (ABML) $0.05 Announces Substantial Drilling Results.  Studying now. After a difficult 2019 falling from...

Video: Wall Street Put On Notice.

Jim Cramer warns that this bearish scenario in the S&P 500 is 'on the table'
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Winston Gold (WGC, WGMCF) Closes Another Private Placement.

Shareholders Take Notice of Progress, Gains 170% in the Last Three Months. LIVE CHART