Boo-Ya! Investors who had the Nerve to Invest in Great Bear’s two Private Placements Which Raised $2.7 Million in Late 2017 and Mid-2018 Make out Like Bandits.


News Released by Great Bear During the Quiet Zone, When Trading was Quiet!

(July 2018 5,000 shares traded @ $0.26 – a whopping $1,300 – one year before it exploded!)

2017, December: Great Bear Completes $1M Private Place Placement.
2018, January: Great Bear Announces Drilling Plans.
2018, March: Drilling Crew Driving to Red Lake.
2018, April: 7 Holes Drilled, 8 More to Go.
2018 May: Completes $1.7M Private Placement.

Shhh. No trading in the quiet zone!

Around this time as the chart below shows, GBR drifted higher from $0.35 to $0.50 but volume was still quiet and of absolutely no interest to ‘experienced traders.’ Volume averaged only 10-50k a day.

The day after the second financing was announced in May of 2018, GBR traded only 37k shares at $0.50. Hardly a volume-based ‘buy signal.’

2018, Late May: Found a Little Gold.
2018, Late June: Found a Little More Gold.
2018, July: We’re Still Looking for More.
2018, August 1st: Uh, Oh. We Think we Found Something Big. Stock trades 47k @ $0.55. The next day 17K @ $0.57.
2018, August 22nd: TRADING HALTED. Too late now sideline watchers!
2018, August 24th: WOOT! Big Boys Arrive. Rob McKewen Writes $6M Check @$1.45. Traders show up enforce! Volume now averaging 2 million a day.

(Editor Note: If there is a moral to the story, it is neither right nor wrong to invest in the Quiet Zone or the Strike Zone – it all relates to an investors personal risk (and patience) tolerance. McKewen could have bought the whole Company in 2016 for what he paid in 2019. Are they upset about that? Of course not.

Plus the 4 million shares they bought at $1.45 are now worth $19 million at $4.64 and they’re up another $12 million on the warrants they got. Everyone who bought after the news is up big, just nowhere near as big as the venturesome Quiet Zone and early private placement buyers. Not bad for one year’s work.

A Closer Look of What can go Wrong for the Impatient who “Trade” for Small Gains in the Quiet Zone!

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The past performance of Companies who successfully emerged from the Quiet Zone is not and should not be taken as an indication of future performance of others in the Zone. Caution should be exercised in assessing past performance. All Junior (and many Senior) mining companies are subject to market forces and unpredictable events that may adversely affect future performance. Investors are recommended to do their homework and more importantly diversify their bets. While this can be speculative investing at its best, it is speculative investing.