The Emigrant Creek Project contains several targets within a fifteen square kilometer area owned or controlled by Lucky Minerals. The project area is located in the center of a large core of highly mineralized and intensely altered geology known as the Emigrant Mining District, which is part of the Absaroka-Gallatin volcanic field that covers an area of 23,000 kilometers and is the largest Eocene volcanic field in North America, and follows a northwest trending pattern  for over 250 kilometers from west-central Wyoming to Livingston, Montana.

Five Zones within the project area have been explored by various methods over the years and have been identified as highly desirable target areas for further exploration by the company. These target zones are known as St. Julien, DUV, Allison, Base Metal, and Emigrant Creek. Analysis of the work completed to date indicates that ten highly mineralized breccia-pipes are part of the same mineralization event and are zoned from a molybdenum-rich core through copper-gold to copper-silver on the outer edges of the central area.

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