by Lior Gantz Aug 29, 2019 Stock Market Wealth



You’re not dreaming, nor seeing double; Winston Gold (CSE: WGC & US: WGMCF) is trading for CAD$0.13/share, up 100% today. The reason is clear: the company released news yesterday that they’ve closed a pivotal financing, which will allow management to get the show on the road and take the project towards production.

On top of that, management discussed this WHALE-SIZED position that Joe Carrabba owns, because it is seriously unprecedented to see a top executive from Newmont Mining (1) building a massive position in a junior miner, (2) resigning from Newmont, giving up a high-paying position, (3) getting on board as chairman of the junior miner, and (4) doing all this quietly.

Through rigorous research, which has taken me down the path of following up with all TSX-V and CSE listed mining stocks that have been around since 2016, I was to cross-reference this one with companies that have seen large insider buying activity.

Then, leveraging my connections, I realized that Winston Gold’s project was ALREADY permitted, giving the company a 2-5 year advantage over other companies that will NOT capitalize on this window of opportunity, since they’re years and years away from putting their assets into production, IF AT ALL.

I want to make sure that we don’t pay prices for Winston shares that come with high risk, so my personal limit is CAD$0.18 until management makes more advancement, I will be patient. Make sure to also set stop-loss disciplines. Gold stocks are volatile.

This is NOT day-trading. The idea is to research this opportunity, understand the value proposition, realize how unique this particular business is and accumulate shares, wisely, when you have all the facts at hand.

So, bottom line, you don’t need an eye doctor; your vision is just fine – Winston Gold (CSE: WGC & US: WGMCF) is the highest-performing stock in the world today and we called it!

I plan to contact the management today and understand more about the timeline to ptoduction – expect another update by tomorrow AM!

This story is in its cradles, as far as I’m concerned.Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

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