Van Eck’s Junior Gold Miners ETF (GDXJ) $33, Zoomed 74% When Gold Rose 9% in 2016!

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When a Plain Old Index Fund Just Won’t Do.

Van Eck’s Junior Gold Miners ETF has all the sizzle anyone could want. “Junior” refers to the smaller, sketchier outfits that either haven’t started production or spend a lot to get one ounce out of the ground; a small swing in the price of bullion has an exaggerated impact on their prospects. In bad years for gold this fund does very badly, but so far this year, with gold up 2%, the ETF is up 9%, and in 2016, when gold went up 9%, it zoomed 74%.

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Already up 20% Since May, is GDXJ About to Make the really big Move?

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